OUR MISSION is to diagnose, treat and prevent Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) and other stress related disorders and diminish the adverse effects sustained due to traumatic experiences.


The incidence of anxiety disorders, including PTS, has reached epidemic levels. Many people suffer from PTS due to traumatic experiences including war, terrorism, natural disasters and domestic abuse. The Global Stress Initiative recognizes the need to intervene since the incidence of PTS has grown exponentially around the world. People need to be educated as to the symptoms of PTS and other anxiety disorders so they will know if they or a loved one should pursue treatment. How can you get better if you don’t realize you have a treatable problem? The Global Stress Initiative (GSI) has been created to raise awareness of the high incidence of anxiety disorders among the masses and lead those who suffer towards the road to recovery.

Lorraine C Silvetz MSW






Please donate towards the Global Stress Initiatives early detection, intervention and prevention of PTSD impacting veterans, their families and civilian survivors of trauma.

Some 20 million American adults live with an anxiety disorder that is chronic, painful and which can become progressively worse. We can speculate that evolution has prepared us for starvation and pestilence, but it has not prepared us for the stresses of contemporary modern life. The stresses we face today are the results of a complex environment and culture. Stresses such as overcrowding, competitiveness and the loss of communal supports may well contribute to why so many people suffer from anxiety.”

Robert Cancro, MD
Medical Director